National UK Telehealthcare Awareness, KFC & Wayra – three recent items

On June 3rd, UK Telehealthcare is holding their first National Telehealthcare Awareness day with events all over the country – follow the link to see what’s happening close to you!

This editor was alerted by a poster from the recently rehoused CUHTec who are supporting the  Mascot event at Merton. Other events that particularly caught this reviewer’s eye were at Welbeing/West Sussex, NEAT (remember when the N used to stand for LB Newham – now it’s Norwich) and Cair.

Next, who can resist a heading that reads KFC Tray Typer keyboard is finger clickin’ good. It turns out that KFC have created a wipe-clean tray mat that doubles as a Bluetoothed keyboard so you can continue typing without gumming up your mobile device with grease whilst enjoying their delectable fare.  Sadly these were only available in Germany, and then only for a set of new KFC openings. The plan apparently was that the mat was durable enough to get wiped down and re-used however they were so popular “every single one … was taken home.” No direct connection to remote monitoring although if a keyboard can be made that cheaply, it does open other possibilities….

Wayra, the Telefonica-support accelerator, is supporting the second Accelerator Assembly London Meeting
2nd July 2015. This is an EU backed initiative as part of Startup Europe.  All are welcome – more details including a registration link here.

Hat tip to Prof Mike Short for the KFC & Wayra items.

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