My Jawbone saga just got much worse: UP3

Readers may recall this editor’s most recent blast against Jawbone in which I complained about being emailed by them about a product I couldn’t buy. Well in due course I got a nice email from Jawbone, explaining the error and extolling the UP3, that I could buy. So nice that I relented and bought one.

Big mistake: my three UP bracelets that failed have lasted an average of some seven months each. The UP3 lasted just eight days before it stopped recording sleep correctly (an even shorter time than the two weeks the preproduction UP3 took to stop working when on trial by re/code).

Initial problem handling by Jawbone support has always been good – I can only assume they get lots of practice – and indeed I got an email straight back telling me how to do a ‘soft reset’ (These have never worked for me for any of the problems I’ve had, with either UP type of bracelet; perhaps it gets some people to give up.). When I told them it hadn’t worked, this was followed quickly by an email 10 working days ago telling me that they were referring my problem to colleagues and to expect a response within 2-3 working days.

Since when nothing: my emails have gone unresponded to, and I have heard nothing further. If this poor quality is the experience of others too (certainly some), then it’s clearly no wonder why FierceMobileHealthcare refer to Jawbone as one of six companies collectively making up 15 percent of the market with Apple & Fitbit way ahead.

It’s such a shame too, because in spite of the problems, my Jawbones, when they have worked, have been great motivators that have helped me lose over 12 kilos now – unlike the suggestions in the recent Guardian artcle, I’m sold on being nudged. I just need something I can rely on to nudge me!

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  1. katherine Barbour

    Sorry to hear you are having these problems with Jawbone. I got on very well with Fitbit for over 2 years and have only recently stopped using it. I have now moved on to a novel approach in our local library. This is provided by the local NHS community provider and is a lovely woman called Emma who has been trained in motivational interviewing and hands out booklets and sheets to record a food diary and sees me every few weeks to keep me on track.
    This is working at the moment. I cant say that I have lost as much weight as Charles… but I have certainly increased my exercise. It is inclusive and can be accessed by everyone in our community. Whether it will address the growing problem of obesity in our world is another matter. A shop has closed on our high street and is being replaced by another café.