Minimally disruptive medicine: a two-day intensive course at Mayo Clinic

The concept of ‘minimally disruptive medicine’ is not mainstream, but should be. MDM is designed to fit the treatment to the patient. In chronic conditions, often the expectation of the doctor, practice and hospital is to do too much. After all, there is the relentless drive to value-based care that improves outcomes and reduces costs that has at its core the absolutely relentless monitoring of delivery metrics and patient compliance (take that med, even if you can’t keep your dinner down). The frustration of the patient with chronic conditions is palpable; it’s not understood, or it’s all too much to handle. We last covered Dr Victor Montori a year ago and in 2013 as proposing that we’re thinking about patients in chronic care management all wrong; that we need to fit the treatment to the patient in order to simplify actions they need to take, to reduce the burden of illness and gain a better outcome. The two-day intensive is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, 27-29 September. Registration here. YouTube preview video.

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