Medopad rebrands, pivots as Huma, acquires BioBeats and TLT, names Alan Milburn as chairman (UK)

Medopad, a London-based software developer for healthcare specializing in digital biomarkers generated by wearables and apps, has rebranded as Huma and, with the brand splash, announced the acquisition of two companies:

  • BioBeats, a London-based mental health monitoring app and wearable combination that tracksheart rate, activity, sleep, mood, and cognitive function to create a wellbeing model.
  • Tarilian Laser Technologies (TLT), based in Welwyn Garden City, is a developer of continuous blood pressure and cardiovascular non-invasive measurement technologies. Their assets include patents, software, and hardware awaiting US FDA approval.

Purchase details were not disclosed, but TechCrunch’s sources indicate a $10 million deal for BioBeats.

Joining Huma is former UK Health Minister The Right Honourable Alan Milburn as chairman of its board of directors.

Medopad announced last November a Series B raise of $25 million led by Leaps by Bayer, Bayer AG’s venture capital arm which also participated in their earlier Series A (CityAM/Crunchbase). Medopad’s focus to date has been primarily with life sciences companies to predict disease risk, condition progression, and diagnosis for chronic diseases including Parkinson’s (based on monitoring finger movements, in partnership with China’s Tencent), Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Which does make the pivot surprising, given the financing origin.

The Huma rebranding is accompanied by the usual quotes from the founder/CEO to explain the pivot from disease states to the ‘wellbeing’ sphere and Huma being reflective of humanity (see the daVinci-esque logo). The release quotes are also in Mobihealthnews Europe/UK (along with an unexplained doubling of their Series B raise; their total funding is $50 million). The release also lists offices in New York at the Genome Center on lower 6th Avenue and Shanghai. Hat tip to reader Paul Costello

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