McKinsey: digital health mythbusters

Readers will find the very readable McKinsey survey of patient attitudes to digital health valuable in helping them determine the best way forward to develop their online services.

The survey covered patients in three very different health services – UK, Germany and Singapore. Principal findings, headlined as five busted myths, were:

Myth: People don’t want to use digital services for healthcare – actually 75% of them really do, it’s just that what is on offer is often not up to snuff.

Myth: Only young people want to use digital services – the survey shows that older people do too, though they feel more comfortable using email and websites than using social media to do it.

Myth: Mobile health is the game changer – though important, the survey suggests otherwise.

Myth: Patients want innovative features and apps – what they want first are reliable, efficient, integrated services with the opportunity to speak to someone if they cannot get what they want.

Myth: A comprehensive platform of service offerings is a prerequisite for creating value – the survey suggests instead starting small and taking the lead from what your users want in developing the service.

Overall it is an excellent short survey, packed with useful stats – highly recommended. Doubtless there’s much more behind it for McKinsey customers, too.

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