Marcus Agius, ex-Barclays chair, joins government consultant PA Consulting

Our UK readers have undoubtedly noted the announcement yesterday that former Barclays chairman Marcus Agius has joined employee-owned management consultancy PA Consulting Group as Non-Executive Chairman starting 1 January, after the retirement of long-time Executive Chairman Jon Moynihan. This is one of several changes at the top including the retirement of board members Victor Halberstad (who according to The Times recruited Mr. Agius), Lady Judge and Martin Stapleton. Of the three additions, the most interesting is Esther Dyson, well known for her role in the early days of the internet and now best known as a space, healthcare and IT start-up investor and board member. Her position as founder of the Health Initiative Coordinating Council (HICCup) may signal further reach of PA Consulting’s healthcare sector. According to the FT, one of their largest clients is the British Government–they are finalists in a purchasing bid for the Ministry of Defence–and has extensive experience with the NHS and what’s termed ‘service change’ as made clear on their website. Also Telegraph, PA press release.

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