Magic carpet to detect falls?

Five videos (approx 15 mins total viewing) Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri, Columbia

‘Terrible’ web page, but links to interesting videos at the bottom – persevere if they do not play easily. [The first seems particularly problematic, and complain to the site, not me, if they do not work for you!]. The ‘magic carpet’ will interest most Telecare Aware readers. Aging in place.

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  1. Donna Cusano

    Fall Detection

    On a LinkedIn group (Senior Safety & Security), Jerry Hahn, CEO of MedSignals, commented that his company “is teamed in one project with a novel streaming sensor system planted in insoles that collects data on a person’s equilibrium. The objective is to capture information in “real time” across large geographically populations that can be managed by a dashboard on preset thresholds for adherence and movement.”

    A thought: if you coupled the MedSignals insoles with this carpet (sensor-based carpet using organic ink sensors on a thin film), could you create a comprehensive gait and activity tracker through the residence, along with universal fall detection? Changes in gait can be an early and leading indicator of neurological impairment or physical illness. Along with motion sensor technology, here you have an non-intrusive way of monitoring activity comprehensively.