London Telecare group: new advertising initiative (UK)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]The London Telecare group (an association of telecare provider services around the capital) has a long history of generating publicity for telecare via bus shelter spots donated by the advertising industry. [TTA July 2006] Now it is moving into print with an advert to appear on June 23rd in the Mail on Sunday’s ‘Senior Lifestyles’ supplement, covering the London and Carlton TV areas. John Chambers, for London Telecare, says “There are very few companies or organisations creating awareness of the telecare and telehealth services available from local authorities and the private sector. Without advertising, it’s no surprise that the public is still largely unaware…that’s something we have tried to turn around and, with very limited resources, our London and South East members have supported our poster campaigns in the past, which gained over £2m in media value using free unsold sites. Now we have devised a press advertisement designed to make people aware of what’s available. We hope that others will take note and follow our lead with greater resources and, hopefully, government funding. ‘Everyone should know!'”

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  1. Sharon Le Corre

    Well done to London Telecare for this initiative. John Chambers is right “Everyone should know.” As an industry we have to get better at raising the profile of Telecare – but where is the money to come from? Collaboration is surely one of the ways forward.