Does our navigation menu look like this?

The fact that you are not experiencing our site as we intended means that you are using an internet browser that does not comply with World Wide Web standards.

More specifically, you are using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or older. We know, because amongst other problems with IE6, it does not display certain image files properly.


The list of problems is as long as your arm, but the most important is that it is insecure and makes your computer vulnerable to hacker attacks. This is why Microsoft recommends that you upgrade to the latest version (currently IE8) and why the German and French Governments recommend that you avoid Internet Explorer altogether! (Wikipedia article about IE6 for more information.)

If it is your own computer, there is no excuse for not upgrading from IE6 or switching to a better browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari (for PCs too). It is FREE to do any of these things!

If your IE6 browser use is determined by your company or organisation’s IT department (GE! Intel! O2! IBM! Bosch! and many UK councils), you may have a battle on your hands to get them to change it or to allow you to use another browser. However, they will have to change eventually, as many websites are starting to block people who use IE6 – so they may as well change sooner rather than later, and you can help them along that path by complaining and by pointing them to the following article on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Developers’ blog: Engineering POV: IE6 and/or the Microsoft recommends that you upgrade item.

UPDATE: New Internet Explorer 6 and 7 security weakness found. Forward this to your IT department if you are battling to get them to upgrade. IE zero-day flaw leaks out from zdnet.

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