Local telecare publicity, West Midlands, UK

Local radio is a great way to reach people who are not glued to the internet over breakfast, so congratulations to Eastbourne-based Welbeing for getting BBC West Midlands to run a two-part feature on telecare on Friday. Readers who want to listen have a couple of days left. As this is a radio programme it may be available outside the UK – skip to 1hr 07min 58s for the first part and 2hr 06min 27s for the second. Each section is about 8 minutes long. The clips feature a widow called Mavis who has had two strokes, who falls frequently but who is determined to live in her own home as long as possible. When the broadcast is no longer available read her story here: Welbeing Lifeline is a ‘Life Saver’ for five falls Mavis.

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