January’s Crazy Week: JP Morgan, StartUp Health, Health 2.0 WinterTech…and CES takes the cake!

This week is Crazy Week for healthcare and technology folk, with multiple major events centered in San Francisco and Las Vegas.

JP Morgan’s 36th annual healthcare conference started today 8 Jan through Thursday 11 Jan in San Francisco. It annually hosts 450 companies presenting to 9,000 attendees. It attracts hundreds of investors and is A Very Big Deal for both investors and companies angling for same. It kicked off with Medtronic‘s Omar Ishrak touting their success with Tyrx, an anti-microbial resorbable envelope for their cardiac devices to prevent post-surgical infection. In value-based care, it may not be in itself reimbursable, but improves outcomes (MedCityNews). The official hashtag for the conference is #JPMHC18 but there’s also #JPM18.

Of interest to Readers will be Teladoc’s presentation at JPM, provided by Seeking Alpha

CNBC’s tip sheet on the action. Genalyte‘s lab-on-a-chip demos their blood sampling in 15 minutes technique to MedCityNews writer. And Vive La Biotech–why American investors should be looking at French companies.

Within the event is the invite-only StartUp Health Festival Monday and Tuesday which hashtags at #startuphealth. Separately, but with many of the usual suspects, is Health 2.0’s one-day WinterTech conference in San Francisco the following day on Wednesday 10 Jan, also with an investment focus. (You can imagine the investor and company hopping between conference locations!) Alex Fair is also leading a Meetup tweetup for the week–more information here. You may also want to check out #pinksockspinksocks is an ad hoc group dedicated to health and wellness innovation and doctor-patient connectedness.

Further south, the sprawl of Las Vegas has been taken over by the sprawl of CES (aptly dubbed ‘Whoa!’) starting Tuesday 9 Jan through Friday 12 Jan. The substantial health tech focus is typically led by Living in Digital Times’ exhibits and summits but has permeated the entire conference, as this Editor noted at the New York CES Unveiled [TTA 11 Nov 17]. There’s livestreaming content from the conference–catch it here. News will be coming from the show floor and LIDT’s Digital Health Summit (10-11 Jan), FitnessTech and BabyTech (9-10 Jan).

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn on her HealthPopuli blog post-Media Day further expands upon health tech’s impact at CES and vice versa, with points such as AI integration, the necessity of building out the 5G wireless infrastructure, home IoT (provided it can be secured, a real risk–Ed.), and assistance robotics. Her follow up article on LIDT ranges from its history at CES to the future of retail (it’s experiential), Alexa in the home, and lasers.

We’ll be reporting on the news emanating from all from here in cold NYC. Already there’s waves of M&A and partnership news in the pharma and digital health areas–see our announcements of partnerships involving American Well, Philips, and Allianz, plus Allscripts’ snap-up of Practice Fusion.

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