International Conference on Rural and Elderly Health Informatics (Togo, W. Africa)

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]14-17 December, University of Lomé, Togo, West Africa

The IREHI conference is an annual international conference organized by IEEE International and the University of Lomé. The first meeting will be in Togo and will concentrate on the crisis of care delivery in developing countries, particularly acute in rural areas. The conference will look at how information and communication technologies (ICT), including telehealth and distance care, can improve healthcare. These solutions could significantly contribute to the improvement of health education, diagnosis of diseases, the effectiveness of treatment and monitoring of the elderly, both in urban and rural areas where specialized services are still limited or sometimes non-existent. The conference’s interdisciplinary approach will engage researchers in information technology, healthcare, professionals in ICT industries, public and community health agencies and agencies committed to improve and transform healthcare in rural areas and for the elderly. Workshops include Context-Aware Telehealthcare Systems, Patient Education and Empowerment, Rural and Elderly Health and Multimedia, and Impact of Energy Supply on Rural Health Care Delivery. Deadline for submission of workshop papers is July 25th, 2017–more information hereConference information and registration. Twitter @IrehiC

Hat tip to Reader and organizer Dr. Thierry Oscar Edoh of the Technical University of Munich

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