Hughes Spaceway 3 satellite ‘router in the sky’ for mobile telemedicine (US)

Hughes Network Systems will provide broadband satellite services to the New England Telehealth Consortium under a four-year contract. It will enable services to three truck-based, one boat-based and one fixed-location units, providing medical care to migrant farm workers in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. They are also in discussion with the VA. [See also Hughes Telematics item 14 June 2012, third bullet down.] Spaceway is “a router in the sky,” explained Tony Bardo at Hughes. “This is a routable, private network for the New England Telehealth Consortium, and we can offer them considerably higher speeds than with our traditional Ku satellites.” Until now, Hughes’ satellite-based private network services have been used primarily by government agencies involved in public safety applications. They hope that the New England Telehealth Consortium deal will open up a new market for telemedicine. More detail: Hughes wins its first satellite-based telemedicine deal NetworkedWorld. Heads-up thanks to Peter Range.

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