History Project: Early radio-based alarm (photo)

Another photo from the 1984 report based on research between 1977 – 1983 by Professor Anthea Tinker Staying at home: Helping elderly people. This shows a radio-based (rather than phone-based) alarm system in a person’s home. For the full picture – and a fascinating photo caption which shows that the idea of using technology to reduce warden cover in housing schemes is not a recent phenomenon – download this PDF copy of a page.

As a side note, it is interesting that these photos come from Stockport council, which is mentioned as an early 24-hour call monitoring centre in Kevin Doughty’s comment on the main History Project page.

early 80s radio-based alarm

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Better view of a radio alarm. When activated, the alarm just sent a code identifying its location – there was no voice communication.

second view of early 80s radio-based alarm

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