GSMA Mobile World Congress & mHealth

The GSMA has announced details of its upcoming World Congress in Barcelona on 24-27 February 2014 which will include a significant mHealth stream as part of the new “mPowered Industries” programme.

Meanwhile the mHealth Grand Tour from Brussels to Barcelona is continuing, demonstrating advanced the real-time monitoring of diabetes.

Elsewhere a new (and pricey) report by RnR Market Research on the mHealth market predicts a 25.5% CAGR growth to 2018. It is reported as categorising the mobile healthcare market into connected medical device and healthcare applications.  Of the two,  the former, is seen as dominating the revenue market with around 80% in 2013; it is segmented into cardiac monitoring, diabetes management devices, multi-parameter tracker, and other devices like sleep apnea devices, and respiratory monitors. “Connected cardiac monitoring devices contributed the maximum to this market, followed by diabetes management devices, and multi-parameter trackers.”

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