Google testing telemedicine program via Helpouts

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]If Sergey and Larry don’t get your data one way…they will another. Google has quietly devised another use for Helpouts, its languishing live video help service. In given (but not disclosed) markets, you may be searching for information on a medical condition, and get the option to connect to a live doctor for a virtual visit. It was enough under the radar that it was stumbled upon; a developer searched via Google for ‘knee pain’ and found this (left), posted it to Reddit and it was later confirmed by Engadget. The cost is free (for now). According to iHealthBeat, via Modern Healthcare (subscription required), Scripps Health and One Medical Group are the reported participants. The Washington Post adds that not every medical-related query points to a live chat or it leads to setting up an appointment rather than the telemedicine visit. Some analysis or rules-basing is evident here. And while claimed as HIPAA-compliant, one doubts that applies to the data prior to the doctor visit. Also HealthcareITNews, VentureBeat. (Screenshot via Engadget)

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