From our archives: a long buried advert (RIP Bruno Ganz)

On Friday the death was announced of that fine Swiss actor Bruno Ganz. Outside German speaking countries (and ‘Wings of Desire’–Ed. Donna) he was best known for his role in the film Downfall in which his passionate portrayal of Hitler in the bunker spawned thousands of subtitled parodies.

It reminded me and Editor in Chief Donna Cusano that in 2011 we produced our own version as an advert for our ability to show video advertisements. In the end we didn’t use it; mostly because we felt that the genre was slightly passé and also on grounds of… well, taste!

However, as our own little tribute to Bruno Ganz for giving so many people so much pleasure, we have dug it out of the archives and we are sadly surprised to see how well it has stood the test of time.

We hope you enjoy it and, if it inspires you to advertise, please email Donna.

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