Friday Alert: Telehealth and Telecare Aware Updated

We have been unable to send the alerts email today (see apology above) but these are the main features of what it would have said…

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Five articles posted since last Tuesday, plus a comment on the TSA chair appointment announcement

Ebola and health tech: where it can help, where it failed
(Disinfection, temperature measurement, crowdfunding research help–but EHRs failed the test)

Life expectancy up, but so is death from falls (US)
(From hopeful early 2000s Telecare Time to ‘curb feelers’ )

Google testing telemedicine program via Helpouts
(One way or another, they’ll help you…and help themselves to your data)

12 percent of US veterans now using VA telehealth services
(Growth in a good way, but much more to be done)

Faux Glass: not just a knockoff, but a sendup
(All in fun, and not a ‘scampaign’…we get to those later)

Earlier this week in TTA:
TSA appoints new chair (Heraclitus’ comment a must-read)
Telemedicine getting out of the waiting room–perhaps
Three seminars on negotiating IP licensing, IT procurement and services (US)

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