Fast takes for Friday

Changes at Center for Connected Health, DecaWave’s chip, Happy Hackers

Center for Connected Health executives to head Portuguese ‘body dynamics’ company in US. Associate Director Joseph Ternullo, who over the years was one of the key organizers of the Connected Health Symposium, is leaving Partners HealthCare/CCH after 17 years to lead the US subsidiary of Kinematix (formerly Tomorrow Options) located in Boston. This was announced by email to CCH contacts today. Kinematix in October raised $2.6 million in Series B funding from Portugal Ventures. Heading the US board is another Partners HealthCare alumnus, Jay Pieper, formerly CEO of Partners International Medical Services. Kinematix’s two products focus on sensor-based monitoring for foot health assessment and to prevent pressure sores and falls.  Release. Boston Business Journal….ScenSor senses you to 10 centimeters. A 6 x 6 mm chip developed by Dublin, Ireland’s DecaWave locates people or objects indoors to four inches and with a battery can last for years. It can replace less-accurate RFID or WiFi chips currently used, and has logical applicability to secure electronic devices, but may break through in small size and minimal power needed to connect other types of objects via M2M. Cnet, VentureBeat….And finally, in The Obvious Unless You’re Oblivious Department, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed “about 16” reports of cybersecurity threats related to in House hearings Wednesday. But then again, CMS already knew it was high-risk on the day it launched, and according to iHealthBeat, “researchers at Arbor Networks recently found that hackers had developed a program designed to flood with automatic, meaningless online traffic.” They must have read our 15 October roundup. A writer on KevinMD-MedPageToday asks ‘Is it too soon to declare the Affordable Care Act a failure?’, decides to live in hope that it’s not, but the dying in despair is in the 30+ comments below, mainly from doctors.

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