Engaging with the UK Digital Health Industry: Getting Health Data Analytics onto the Map

The Health KTN and UK Health Data Analytics Network (UK-HDAN) invite practitioners and industry experts to attend one of their regional workshops to contribute to a UK health data analytics roadmap for funders and policy-makers.

There is general recognition that health data analytics will play a critical role in transforming health and social care, but relatively poor understanding of the current UK landscape, research priorities and barriers to translation. Their aim is to provide a clear statement of opportunities and challenges that will help shape a national action plan for health data analytics.

The UK-HDAN is a newly formed community of health data scientists (current membership 350) working together to map the landscape and inform a national strategy for health data analytics research. They are particularly keen to draw on insights from industry colleagues and other practitioners to ensure they present a holistic picture – from long-term research to translation into practice – and develop partnerships that will drive innovation and put the UK at the forefront of the field internationally.

They have organised a series of regional workshops across England (Sheffield, Newcastle and Birmingham). Each event will run from 10:00 to 15:00 with a lunch provided and will allow a high degree of participation. If you are interested, please use one of the links below to reserve your place at one of the workshops or, if you can’t attend but want to know about future activities, join UK-HDAN.

Reserve a place –

Sheffield 14th March

Birmingham 17th March

Newcastle 23rd March

You can also join UK-HDANsign up for KTN newsletters and even join DHACA.

The UK-HDAN network works in association with the Farr Institute and the Alan Turing Institute, with support from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

KTN is the UK’s Innovation Network.

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