Dr D Albert and accidental viral marketing of the iPhone ECG

20 minute video of a talk by Dr David Albert with ‘marketing’ lessons for all who want their good idea to go viral: summarised at about minute 19. And if you want to learn more about the device and to see it in action, try this 5 minute YouTube: iphone ekg in action. Heads-up thanks to David Doherty of 3GDoctor.


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  1. An endearing story. Technology like the iPhone and social media networks have made it possible for the general public to be receptive to new ideas and has enabled the public to conceptualise what is ‘now possible’ from what was previously deemed ‘sci-fi’, or ‘not in my lifetime’. The acceptance real-time monitoring of medical conditions will rapidly expand and using of remotely captured medical information will dramatically change the way patients in future are managed. This ‘idea’ has shown how one physiological parameter, can be linked in a ‘simple’ way to a communication device. The large aging population with long-term conditions are an ideal group of patients who can gain independence from such technology. Purpose built devices such as Doc@Home and similar home monitors will soon share more functions across many such platforms, and by linking into the “cloud” of data storage, enhance the applicability of this new technology.