Don’t worry, there’s a wristband for that…

tactiluNot one for my Christmas list, but check out this TechCrunch review if you want to find out more about the Tikker wristwatch (which is currently doing well on Kickstarter). Tikker will calculate when you’re likely to bite the dust, based on factors like age, activity level, BMI and location.

If you’re hesitating as to how you might feel about wearing such a thing, just place a mood wristband on your other arm. The W/Me mood wristband sensor which is featured on PSFK, monitors your feelings via the autonomic nervous system to provide feedback on body activity that you may not be aware of!

And don’t worry, your time may be short, but at least you now know you’re feeling crappy about it, which means you can do something about it – like connect with someone! And yes, there’s a wristband for that too (stick it on your ankle if your running out of room on your arms). The Tactilu bracelet, which is also featured on PSFK ‘is built with touch sensors and flexinol wire to replicate the feeling of touch, and has two layers to send and receive.’ So just press the little plastic buzzer on your arm and you’ll get a buzz back and everything will be just fine. Isn’t technology wonderful, I feel better already! …Actually I wrote that before watching the video for Tactilu, and having watched it I think there may be something in that idea. Still haven’t changed my mind on the Tikker deathwatch though!

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