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The knowledge I gained just by reading Telecare Aware would have cost me multiples of that in searching time
Chief executive of a small company explaining why he made a large donation


Why might you PAY to subscribe to a FREE service?

If you value the independence of Telecare Aware and the time it saves you researching developments in the industry, please consider making a voluntary recurring subscription or an occasional donation.

Small subscriptions of £5-£10 ($7-$15), especially if made regularly, are as appreciated as the larger one-off donations we occasionally receive.

Contrary to popular belief, Telecare Aware does not receive grant funding and keeps afloat with a small revenue from sponsorship and other advertising. Your contribution will be used to keep Telecare Aware going, to keep it independent (and opinionated!) and to keep its content free to people who would be unable to access it if it were a fixed subscription-based service.

Click on the button below to make a donation (one-off or recurring) via PayPal’s secure interface which works with credit and debit cards as well as PayPal accounts. Alternatively, see note below.



If it is constitutionally difficult for your organisation to make a simple donation, we understand. Let us know and we can arrange to invoice you for a subscription.
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