UK Department of Health views digital technology, future for the NHS (updated)

A freshly released video starring the Minister of Life Sciences George Freeman MP takes just under three minutes to touch on a dizzying number of aspects of revising a NHS organization structured around 1940s siloed medicine to serve a million new pensioners in the last five years and to ease the burden of chronic disease. There are the usual echoes of the Triple Aim:  to be more ‘seamless’ and improve both patient treatment and their experience; precision (and early) diagnosis; to keep people out of hospital; ‘more health out of every pound spent’; pioneering treatments; new models of care….Embracing digital technology in an integrated health care system.

(Updated) A comment from a reader (anonymous by preference) pointed out that the video wasn’t subtitled for the hearing impaired, which is quite odd coming from the DOH! (The UK has the Equalities Act which may be similar to the US Americans with Disabilities Act.) Google Subtitles produced nonsense. It would also have been helpful for the non-hearing impaired (or accent impaired) to better understand the fast-talking Mr Freeman. (Hat tip to our commenter!)

This Editor would also point out that the echo on the soundtrack (from recording in a room without sound dampening as an actuality) makes Mr Freeman even more difficult to follow. What would have made this a far more powerful video are beginning and end slides setting out and summarizing important points–even better, interstitial point slides (or intertitles). Closing–an email/board for comments–it is publicly funded, after all, and Government transparency is always helpful.

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