Curl me up

Phones have rung or buzzed since Alexander Graham Bell’s time. What if it simply…curled? That is perhaps the Phone In Your Pfuture, or something like the MorePhone. The prototype “can curl its entire body to indicate a call, or curl up to three individual corners to indicate a particular message” –phone, text or email. The thin, flexible electrophoretic display is manufactured by Plastic Logic, a UK company. Developed by a team from Queen’s University (Toronto, Canada) Human Media Lab, it will be presented at the ACM CHI 2013 (Computer-Human Interaction) conference in Paris this week. But don’t hold off on getting that Galaxy 4G…this is estimated to take another 5-10 years to market. The possibility of course is that some of its underlying technology and Plastic Logic display will find its way into other devices.  GizMag, Human Media Lab press release, main page with short video.

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