Curating consumer health apps 2.0

With Happtique apparently exiting the health app curation/vetting for consumers business [TTA 17 May], HealthTap, which has built up several doctor-related applications such as a provider directory, Q&A and referral service, is entering with AppRx. It takes a semi-crowdsourcing approach to curation, building up reviews and recommendations from its claimed 40,000 physician users which are then reviewed by a ‘medical review board’ of chosen physicians. For both doctors and patients, AppRx has its own interface for viewing the Apple and Android app stores and further breaks down types of apps into 30 categories. Prescribing is in the future. If this sounds more than a bit like Happtique’s mRx, it does–in the originally conceived version. HealthTap’s also been well-financed– $38 million by Khosla Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Eric Schmidt and various angels. HealthTap takes on app curation, prescribing (Mobihealthnews)

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