Costs and opportunities of automated ‘we call you’ systems

Jamie Cole of UK-based Telecare Technology is quizzed in the video below on the economics, opportunities and risks of the automated ‘we call you’ phone system that his company provides. The approach is the logical extension of the type of services common in the US – often called ‘telecare’ – where volunteers on a rota phone people to check that they are alright. FineThanx runs a similar automated system in the US.

There are clearly opportunities in such systems to deliver, say, medication prompts at lower cost than sending a person to check, although an automated telecare medication dispenser may give more assurance that the person has actually complied.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Steve; although may I add our service works to mobiles as well so saying they have to wait around for the call isn’t quite true.

    Which is why it would be good to chat with you sometime and explain the system in more detail as it has changed significantly since we met back at the TSA 2009; 07875483784.

  2. We are a domiciliary care company and we use Telecare Technology’s automated call system to deliver welfare check calls to our service users at home. Most calls are set up by family members who know their relative’s routine and so calls are generally sent when they are likely to be at home rather than out. If the user has a mobile phone, calls can be sent to that so they are not tethered to their home. As well as medication reminders, we’re also using the system to remind service users to switch off gas fires and electric hobs after meal times and before going to bed to help them keep safe at home. The automated call system has given some of our service users a new lease of life. It gives them the security that help is at hand when needed, without the intrusion of a carer entering their home every day.

  3. Philippa Codd

    I have been working with Directors and Commissioners of Local Authorities who are considering the benefits of Telecare Technology. We have to remember that “one size doesn’t fit all” and Telecare Technology has the ability as a platform to build the most appropriate solutions for an Individual, family or organisation. They are a strong contender and partner for integrating health, housing and social care in the future.