Client List

Companies and organisations that have advertised on Telecare Aware:

  • Telecare Services Association
  • Just Checking
  • American Telemedicine Association
  • EvaWare
  • Home Telehealth Ltd
  • Choose Independence
  • Tynetec
  • Alertacall
  • mediagrids
  • Docobo
  • Buckinghamshire County Council

Companies and organisations in the telecare/telehealth field to which I have provided various paid services such as press release drafting and distribution, PowerPoint presentation design or website design work:

  • Disabled Living Foundation
  • Home Telehealth Ltd
  • Alertacall
  • MAPE
  • iTelecare
  • Vitalsys

Companies and organisations I support without charge:

  • Disabled Living Foundation
  • Foundation for Assistive Technology

Steve Hards

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