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Telehealth kiosk HealthSpot gains trials with Rite Aid, Mayo Clinic

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /] HealthSpot Station, which was one of the higher points of this past May’s ATA, in the past month has announced two significant pilots. The retail pilot is with Rite Aid, the US’ third largest drug store chain (4,600 stores), with telehealth/telemedicine kiosks located in select Rite Aid locations in Ohio–Akron/Canton, Cleveland and Dayton/Springfield areas. The usage of the kiosks will be limited to common health conditions, such as cold, earaches, sore throat, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, rashes, skin and eye conditions. HealthSpot Station kiosks are enclosed, free-standing units which use both video consults and real-time... Continue Reading

Funding, granting and executive moves

...primarily from original investors, preliminary to an institutional round of financing in 1st Quarter 2015. Release….HealthSpot Station is reinforcing its retail reach with the addition of new chairman Boake Sells, formerly in C-level positions at Dayton Hudson and Revco Drug Stores. Release….Telehealth/telecare/socialization platform Changes at GrandCare Systems, winner of the Gabby Hayes Grizzled Pioneer Award: a move to larger quarters in the historic district of West Bend, Wisconsin; a new (local) CEO Dan Maynard and COO Jerry Furness; Laura Mitchell moves from VP Business Development to Chief Marketing Officer; founder/CEO Charlie Hillman to Chief Technology Officer; co-founder and former COO... Continue Reading

A random walk through ATA 2014

...Spotlight meetings series on Tuesday. The problem for participants was how do you attend the main meetings, view the floor and go to the specialized meetings? [grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]The 21st Century clinic, large and small I was eager to tour an actual HealthSpot Station after writing about it since 2012, and strategic account manager Daniel Tekle and marketing director Angie Homan were more than happy to oblige. Impressions: it was large, making it suitable for situations where it is almost a free-standing doctor’s office or small clinic, which means community clinics, large offices or factories, pharmacies as a self-contained,... Continue Reading

A kudo for kiosks: HealthSpot Station adds $8 million funding

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /] In a week of small funding announcements, HealthSpot announced an add of $8 million to its 2013 $10 million round, totaling $18.3 million of a $20 million offering (SEC filing). Investors are not disclosed. In three years, HealthSpot has raised an impressive total funding of $23 million (CrunchBase), although the company is still in pilot in a handful of locations around their Ohio HQ and reports minimal revenue. The company’s hosted, fully enclosed kiosks with both telehealth monitoring and virtual consult capabilities debuted at the end of 2012 at International CES New York. According to their... Continue Reading

‘Blue Blazes’ indeed: Wal-Mart’s clinic in a back room

...screens, equipment, exposed wires, plugs and outlets. Perfect for the claustrophobic! (s/o) The modish paint and signage at the entry area outside (see article photos) only serve to set up the potential user for disappointment. The question is, why didn’t they simply rent some ready-made kiosks from HealthSpot Station [TTA 29 Oct 13 + previous] or SoloHealth (already a Wal-Mart vendor)–or others? No wonder the nurse has to drag prospects off the floor. Truly a ‘What In Blue Blazes?’ moment that does not bode well for the success of this pilot–and a puzzle given the partners. Wal-Mart shoppers: The doctor... Continue Reading

Powerhouse DC lobbying for telehealth, telemedicine

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”150″ /]The Gimlet Eye observes from a houseboat anchored at a remote Pacific island, with coconuts and occasional internet to Editor Donna. Telehealth and telemedicine have reached a US milestone of sorts: the formation of a Washington, DC-based ‘advocacy’ (a/k/a lobbying) group constituted as a business non-profit. The Alliance for Connected Care is headed by three former Senators (two of whom were ‘amigos’) from both sides of the aisle and backed by a board including the expected (giants Verizon, WellPoint, CVS Caremark, Walgreens)–and the surprising (much smaller remote consult provider Teladoc and HealthSpot, the developer of the HealthSpot... Continue Reading

HealthSpot Station kiosks add telepharmacy

[grow_thumb image=”” thumb_width=”180″ /]’Virtual consult’/staffed kiosk HealthSpot Station [TTA 29 Oct], most recently adding behavioral health EHR Netsmart and telemedicine provider Teladoc [TTA 5 Sept], as well as several health system providers, is expanding into telepharmacy through a strategic alliance with Canada-based MedAvail. MedAvail’s kiosks fill prescriptions in clinics, hospitals and office locations, including live assistance from a pharmacist, though the website video doesn’t explain how drugs not in stock in the kiosk are handled. What’s notable? Large kiosks are moving towards full-scope onsite clinics. HealthSpot in its three years of existence has quietly accumulated over $15 million in funding,... Continue Reading

International CES unveils in NYC

...HealthSpot Station, patient adherence, FDA approval of apps and the home as a healthcare hub. Robots were the #4 trend: consumer robots such as home cleaners Roomba, Ecovacs; robots in eldercare; humanoid robots like NAO; robotic prosthetics and exoskeletons. Digital health will again be showcased as a TechZone as well as in the Digital Health Summit and SilverSummit conferences. Startups including health tech will be located in Eureka Park and later stage in Eureka Park Next. (More information at CESweb) The press briefing was supplemented by a small show floor, very short on health tech but long on snacks and... Continue Reading

Can telehealth kiosks fill the treatment gap?

...the next three months for kids between 3-18 (accompanied by a parent). The kiosks have both videoconferencing and telehealth tools, and the visit is assisted by a trained attendant. UH is studying whether the kiosk positively impacts cost of care and Emergency Room (ER/ED) visits. HealthSpot Station has enjoyed strong funding (about $10 million in Series C) but the kiosk system is still limited to a few states (previously mentioned Florida and in their home state of Ohio). The after-hours doctor visit of the future arrives in Ohio via telemedicine kiosks Previously in TTA: HealthSpot, Netsmart ally for telemedicine kiosks... Continue Reading

Doctor disciplined for using Skype for telemedicine consults

...better example was highlighted at the Epic EHR User Conference last week with Stanford (University) Hospital and Clinics. Epic has developed a software add-in for video consults which integrates three ways: 1) with the patient’s EHR, 2) with scheduling and keeping the appointments into the physician workflow and 3) with third-party identity verification services. The ease of use demonstrated in the Epic video is a real pointer to the future. An earlier telemedicine test was done with Stanford Dermatology and the Cisco HealthPresence platform. InformationWeek, ScienceRoll. Previously in TTA: Telemedicine in the TIME Swampland, HealthSpot, Netsmart ally for telemedicine kiosks... Continue Reading