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Will Yorkshire CCGs pull the plug on the NYY telehealth project? (UK)

...time and time again that the public do not understand it and are either outraged at being cared for by a robot or at best dismissive. With GPs taking the commissioning decisions from April it will become increasingly important to win the hearts and minds part of the debate In the article we have a politician saying it won't happen without external funding ... yet this area has had unused telehealth equipment (67% of its stock) for several years - so perhaps finance is the red herring here again? The reason telehealth is so slow to be adopted is that... Continue Reading

Patient Portal for New Yorkers Design Challenge (US)

Health 2.0 and the New York eHealth Collaborative invite designers and developers to submit prototypes for a secure portal that will present 19.5 million New Yorkers with their individual PHR while educating them about health data privacy rights. Developers have a chance to win up to $15,000 (first place). Submission deadline is 11 April; New Yorkers will vote on the best prototypes through 21 April. Overview and registration form... Continue Reading

Odds and ends from CES 2013

...healthy lifestyles, through tools such as adapting ‘DanceDanceRevolution’ to a classroom setting, mobile apps, cost estimators and rewards programs. Unfortunately, it will need to be more exciting to consumers than as presented at the Digital Health Summit, if this article is to be an indicator. UnitedHealth Group makes waves at CES (mHIMSS) The Forbes article (next) goes into more detail on their 4,000 square foot and more importantly, the global $60,000 Breakthrough Health Tech Challenge prize to help people more effectively manage chronic health conditions. And finally, the fork making all the news. After you’ve traipsed hundreds of miles of... Continue Reading

Kinect’s deployment in physical therapy

The Microsoft Kinect is proving to be a versatile platform for physical therapy and more. Microsoft’s public sector solutions area has been busily developing relationships to pair up off-the-shelf software with Kinect so that injured soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines can perform their physical therapy effectively at home. The latest is with the US Air Force to define requirements for a Kinect therapy system and with the Army’s Communications-Electronics Research, Development, and Engineering Center (CERDEC). DARPA, the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, Army Medicine, the Navy’s Bureau of Medicine and contractors Lockheed Martin, SAIC and CACI have all expressed... Continue Reading

‘The pileup of things’: CES highlights

Independa, our first funded health tech company of 2013, saved some news for CES. Not only is partner/investor LG Electronics expanding the use of the Angela telehealth/socialization suite in its commercial market Pro:Centric TVs, but also Samsung Mobile is loading its Galaxy Tab 2 with Angela, available through designated distributors. This combination of TV and tablet technology is a first for the telehealth area, giving care providers in both community and home settings. Independa releases: LG, Samsung. mHIMSS article The RP-VITA robot developed by iRobot/InTouch is first to gain FDA approval for active patient monitoring in high-acuity environments where immediate... Continue Reading

Saga Homecare (UK) to offer GrandCare Systems

...Innovation and Product Development will have that little issue to work on. Mark Tim. This looks very interesting and presumably initially will be offered to private funders as an add-on to their package for an additional fee. What about plans to negotiate it into the block contracts with social care authorities or offer to CCG's? Jo I stand corrected - though I wonder how fragmented the market remains. Let's not forget that it was some of the biggest boys in the nursing home industry that fell the furthest. The challenge in combining home care with telecare is ensuring that both... Continue Reading

On DARPA’s wish list: a portable brain recording device (US)

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is looking for a small business developer to provide a Portable Brain Recording Device and App–not just any EEG + app but one that is low-cost ($30), highly portable, easily usable in the field, easy to use sensors, and downloads high-fidelity data directly to a phone or tablet without an interface. Beyond the battlefield, it’s envisioned in civilian hospitals and commercial research adaptations. Specifications are contained in SB131-002 Portable Brain Recording Device & App, 13.1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) here–read carefully all supporting material. On DARPA’s 2013 Wish List: Extreme Diving,... Continue Reading

Roboy & ….Mule?

A not-far-from-here-and-now take on the recent film Robot & Frank may be Roboy & Mule. The Roboy (left), an advanced humanoid robot, is being developed by engineers at the University of Zurich’s Artificial Intelligence Lab in only nine months (yes, the same as a human baby) for its debut at the Zurich Robots on Tour conference 9 March 2013. Kid-sized with a cute ‘face’ and tendon-driven locomotion, its artificial muscles will eventually be covered by a soft ‘skin.’ Its purpose is to help people in everyday environments. The Mule is an un-cute Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) four-legged pack... Continue Reading

Adding another chef to the government regulation kitchen (US)

The much touted HIMTA (Healthcare Innovation and Marketplace Technologies Act, H.R. Bill 6626) as introduced by Silicon Valley’s Representative Mike Honda, if passed would establish an Office of Wireless Health at the FDA for starters. Then it adds layers, like cake: establish specific mhealth software responsibilities for the Health Information Technology Research Center (new?), ‘Challenge Grants’ and prizes for IT developers, an HHS department supporting mHealth developers on designing in line with privacy regulations, workforce retraining, provider loans and tax incentives. The intent is spelled out in the HealthWorks Collective article–Rep. Honda’s public statement is that it would only seek... Continue Reading

Tunstall UK’s managing director elected to TSA Board (UK)

...time on the board will be pivotal. Steve Hards, Editor I'm now hearing that not all TSA members were aware that there was a Board vacancy or even that the vote had taken place. I wonder what comprises a valid election under the TSA constitution and whether there might be a challenge? Anon It seems like a number of other suppliers were not aware of the vacancy or election, I suspect there will be a few challenges to this!! Andy Stuart I applaud Jo's comments. The TSA and 3ML do look distinctly full of vested interests and lack of innovation.... Continue Reading