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Mid-week roundup: Holmes turns herself in, ChatGPT as good ER explainer, VA Spokane to cut staff to pay for Oracle Cerner EHR problems?, former Cerner campus conversion

Holmes’ time at Bryan begins. Today (30 May) in a Texas morning, Elizabeth Holmes self-surrendered to the Federal Prison Camp (FPC) at Bryan to begin her 135-month sentence (11 years+). With good behavior and enrollment in certain programs, she may serve about 85% or about 9.5 years as No. 24965-111. The ‘shakycam’ video link here from Sky News (scroll to 3:18) initially from across the street then at the fence shows her delivery in a NY state-plated Ford Expedition to the facility parking lot. Her parents give her paperwork to the officers, then she with the officers walk into the... Continue Reading

Mid-week roundup: Pear assets fetch paltry $6M *updated*, Bright Health’s reverse stock split, Oracle Cerner loses hospital EHR share, Lifeforce health optimization scores $12M Series A

...May, 5 May Mobihealthnews, Becker’s Payer Issues, Seeking Alpha See 24 May update on their sale of Zipnosis Oracle needs to execute a turnaround at Cerner. Stat. And it’s not just at the VA. KLAS Research in a report published today calculated EHR hospital market share by both location and hospital beds. Epic is running away with the core hospital market with a 39.5% market share while Oracle Cerner has 24.9%. The KLAS findings are access-restricted, but the publicly available toplines are that Epic is the only vendor with positive net change in hospital market share and beds, while Oracle... Continue Reading

Thursday roundup: Kaiser-Geisinger won’t close till ’24, Validic buys Trapollo, Veradigm’s ’22 financials delayed again, ORA telehealth’s $10M Series A, ATA adds 3 to board delivery services into bordering Pennsylvania communities. Risant will also make available to Geisinger funds for research and education for 10 years after the 2024 closing Kaiser’s Q1 was far better than its money-losing ($4.5 billion) 2022, with $1.2 billion in net income. Geisinger has not yet reported Q1, but it had a $842 million net loss in 2022. FierceHealthcare Digital health/personalized care company Validic is buying Trapollo, a similar connected care company. Both have platforms facilitating chronic care patient management via remote care and EHR integration. The acquisition price and workforce transitions were not disclosed. Trapollo’s former owner, Cox... Continue Reading

VA renews Oracle Cerner EHR contract, but with multiple caveats, metrics, and annual renegotiations

VA finally gets tough with Oracle Cerner–when things are not peachy at the latter. The Oracle Cerner EHR contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was renewed with 28 key performance metrics attached to monetary credits. Instead of another five-year term, there are five one-year terms that allow VA to revisit the contract annually. It was not a ringing vote of confidence in the relationship, with good reason, as the EHR implementation has ground embarrassingly to a halt over five years with only five deployments in VA medical centers, of 166 centers plus their medical clinics [TTA 26 Apr,... Continue Reading

Week-end roundup: Cano Health’s $60M loss and divesting, Oscar Health exits CA, UCSF Meta Pixel lawsuit narrows, Syneos goes private for $7.1B, Envision nears Ch. 11, Australia’s A$429M EHR modernization funded

...the ‘no surprises’ patient protection billing law that took effect this year. Investor KKR owns the company and reportedly has already written it down. Their EBITDA cracked from $1 billion in 2020 to about $250 million in 2022. FierceHealthcare, Healthcare Dive And Down Under, the modernization of Australia’s health system EHR, estimated to cost A$429 million over two years, is now funded in the 2023-4 budget. The My Health Record (MHR) modernization will improve data sharing across service settings, sharing of pathology and diagnostic imaging information, and increase usage of MHR by allied health professionals. The budget also includes substantial... Continue Reading

Babylon Health ‘Take Private Proposal’ includes London High Court administration request

An added fillip to Babylon Health’s going private under a ‘Take Private Proposal’ is the inclusion of administration in the UK. This was revealed in their 8-K (001-40952) filed on Wednesday with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It states that the Framework Implementation Agreement ‘contemplates’ that part of the Take Private Proposal will involve the appointment of administrators, the British form of the US Chapter 11 reorganization procedure. Specifically, the Babylon Holdings Limited board will request that administrators be appointed by the High Court in London. These administrators will then supervise the transfer of assets from Babylon Holdings Limited... Continue Reading

Mid-week roundup: DEA extends telehealth prescribing waiver to November; telehealth usage continues to erode; NextGen EHR hacked, 1M records breached

...slightly more popular in rural versus urban areas. The greatest difference from the national norm is in the West, where February telehealth claims were 7.6%. Monthly national summary, FAIR Health main page for monthly and regional summaries. NextGen’s EHR/practice management system hacked, 1.05 million patient records breached. Information stolen included patient name, dates of birth, addresses, and Social Security numbers. This was revealed in a filing with the Maine attorney general’s office since it included over 4,000 Maine residents. The hack of the NextGen Office system took place between 29 March and 14 April 2023. It’s been a bad year... Continue Reading

Perspectives: Implementing technology in rural communities to support access to mental and behavioral healthcare

TTA has an open invitation to industry leaders to contribute to our Perspectives non-promotional opinion area. Today’s Perspectives is from Brian Kenah, Azalea Health’s chief technology officer responsible for engineering, software development initiatives, M&A integrations, and related areas. Azalea Health is a leading US-based provider of cloud-based healthcare solutions and services, including a complete solution of electronic health records (EHR), practice management (PM), revenue cycle management (RCM) billing services, as well as a patient health records portal, and a mobile mHealth application. This article discusses how technology can bridge care gaps that continue to be present in rural areas and... Continue Reading

VA completely halts Oracle Cerner EHR implementation for ‘reset’; House introduces new–fourth–bipartisan reform bill–and another outage a live briefing call with reporters, Dr. Neil Evans, who is the acting program executive director for the EHR Modernization (EHRM) Integration Office, would not give specific details about the contract negotiations with Oracle Cerner. “The original contract was a five-year base period with a five-year option, but everything has been on the table as part of the contract negotiations. I anticipate we’ll be able to share more as we near the end of those negotiations.” and “We are working towards an amended contract that will hold Oracle Cerner accountable to delivering the high-functioning, high-reliability EHR system that veterans... Continue Reading

Weekend recap from HIMSS23: Glen Tullman’s 5 predictions, HIStalk’s random four-day walk, Oracle Cerner integration ‘going great’, Seema Verma to Oracle, Caregility’s debuts three enhancements

...the lead in health tech with Azure, Nuance, and now generative AI. Watch out Larry Ellison.) Healthcare Dive interviewed David Feinberg, now chairman of Oracle Health. According to him, everything is going great with the Cerner integration. “The integration has been pretty smooth” and they are well on their way to creating “a cloud-enabled health platform that brings all kinds of information together to make individuals and communities healthier around the world” and in building an EHR-agnostic health records database to link thousands of separate hospital databases. No mention of the troubled VA EHR implementation. (Ahem) Announced during HIMSS as... Continue Reading