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A mélange of short subjects for Tuesday

...identifier number to minimize the value of hacked records (no using SSI) and to help determine record identification. TheDoctorWeighsIn….And speaking of medical records, the almost-non-practicing-entity (a/k/a patent troll) MyMedicalRecords a/k/a MMRGlobal which owns a slew of PHR-related patents [TTA articles here] was told to ‘get out of town’ by the Central District of California court, invalidating five claims in a case against Walgreens, Quest Diagnostics and WebMD. The Electronic Frontier Foundation believes it’s the start of the end for the trolls in PHRs. They’ve moved on to life sciences–as the STRONG patent protection bill wends its way through Congress. MedCityNews... Continue Reading

Finally a curb on ‘patent trolls’? (US) a legal action against the FTC in the US District Court for the Western District of Texas, alleging violations of the First Amendment on free speech. Under US law, ‘deceptive’ may not be good enough–their letters threatening lawsuits must be shown to be ‘objectively baseless.’ The FTC requested dismissal of MPHJ’s suit this past Monday. Their rejoinder: the suit would disrupt its work. National Law Review, Law360 (subscription/Lexis Nexis access required). Previously in TTA on patent troll strategies and how companies defend themselves: TTA 13 Sep 13, 10 Feb 13. (Also search on ‘patent troll’, ‘MMRGlobal’ and ‘patent infringement’.... Continue Reading’s odd swerve into healthcare cloud storage and PHRs

...bunch. Effective tomorrow (21 March), they are moving into the PHR business by providing the file sharing platform (starting tomorrow) for EHR CareCloud, which claims 7 million patients covered. Patients can now download their records to their own Box account and store/share them as needed. The Eye agrees with Neil Versel that this is quite less than it seems–only a fraction of CareCloud’s 7 million patients will ever set up a PHR. They’ve gained little user traction (except in the courts, where not-a-patent troll MMRGlobal keeps companies and countries busy). It remains to be seen if Meaningful Use (MU) Stage... Continue Reading

How startups are being damaged by patent trolls–and turning the tables

...It becomes cheaper to settle than to fight–and the cost can be six or seven figures. The shots over the bow were in 2012: Bosch’s February lawsuits against Waldo Health, ExpressMD/Authentidate and MedApps (now Alere Connect) [TTA 16 Feb 2012] and then the strange practice of PHR developer/patent accumulator MMRGlobal [TTA 23 Oct 2012] in sending hundreds, perhaps thousands, of letters out to EHR/EMR users to advise them of possible patent violations and demanding licensing. This Editor observed then and during the spring this year that it was only a matter of time that NPEs would pounce on healthcare tech... Continue Reading

Funding: the concentration continues

...squarely in ZocDoc’s increasingly challenged, but extremely well-funded territory. (We advise them to put aside a few dollars for the inevitable MMRGlobal challenge as well.) Having raised $34 million less than one year ago, the funding is clearly going to updating ‘Meaningful Use’ requirements, the patient portal and to be determined growth. Chicago-based Caremerge just raised $2.1 million for its mobile apps for coordination of long term care (LTC) between providers, doctors and families. (MedCityNews) It claims to be the first-ever integrated mobile and web solutions provider for this market. It does answer a crying, not-terribly-glamourous need in senior care,... Continue Reading

The health revolution, uncertain: The Australian

...for remote communities’ (79 percent). Yet data capture/scanning/management and sharing take the lead in technology present and future, with remote monitoring a distant second. Will eHealth mitigate the pressure on the system? Despite 66 percent responding that “e-health will play a major role in ensuring a sustainable health system”, taking all the charts and graphs (PDF here) in their totality, it was hard not to discern a great deal of uncertainty. Perhaps there is thought of the Australian Government’s difficulties with instituting a national PHR and Nehta’s subsequent legal challenge by MMRGlobal [TTA 11 March]. Fear health revolution is suffering... Continue Reading

MMR Global vs. Nehta, Round 2 (US/AU)

...detailed analysis through third parties who put the standards in place around the world.” The Australian (access via MMRGlobal website) Robert Lorsch, MMRGlobal CEO, has of course put on a full court PR press to counter this involving Australian singer Guy Sebastian and what appears to be a global awareness program to underscore the importance of a PHR–and their patents/IP–with Australian revenues being directed to a charitable foundation including charities Mr. Sebastian already supports. Guy Sebastian Speaks Out About MMRGlobal Patent Investigation in Australia (MarketWire via TTA recent related on MMRG: pre-HIMSS (26 Feb) and lawsuit update (20 Feb).... Continue Reading

WebMD goes mobile, at last, with Qualcomm

...and buzz: “drive mass adoption of a quantified-self environment” (yes), “apps, devices and tools… to better understand and manage their health”, “connected, automated and seamless data collection experience”, “first-in-class health channels to enhance our multi-screen experiences.” But given WebMD’s sinking relevance as the go-to place for consumer and provider health information, and its PHR (which may or may not be included with this) under fire for patent infringement by MMRGlobal [TA 20 Feb], is all this added “context and insight” too little, too late? (Even with Eric Topol, MD now Editor in Chief of WebMD’s Medscape) WebMD/Qualcomm press release, mHIMSS... Continue Reading

PHRs, ‘meaningful use’ and patent infringement (US)

MMRGlobal CEO Robert Lorsch’s interview by HIStalk today is a fascinating follow-up to our recent stories in several areas. First is the story of how he came to found MMRGlobal, and how this personal health record (PHR) stores both electronic ‘hard copy’ and user-entered health history data which is generally accessible. It is a little different than Microsoft Health Vault or the late and unlamented Google Health, with access based on a 10-digit telephone number ‘lifeline’ and a subscription model. MMRG claims 750,000 members to date. While MMRG’s legal track record has raised quite a few health tech industry eyebrows... Continue Reading

MMRGlobal IP infringement lawsuits, allegations continue

...agreements in effect on their IP currently both in HIT and Bio. Read: effective utilization and acceptance by agreement for use of MMRGlobal's IP. Most people are not even aware that MMR has a current agreement with Celgene for use of MMRGlobal bio property in support of getting Revlimid FDA approved for the treatment of follicular lymphoma . When they took over Favrille, it was a treasure trove of B-Cell and CD20 data from the extensive work Favrille did in Follicular lymphoma / NHL. HIT IP, evidence of it being effective? Here is their filed licensing agreement with 4Medica... Continue Reading