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CES Unveiled’s preview of health tech at CES 2018

...forget wearables. Robin’s selection at CESU included TytoCare, where Chief Revenue Officer Jeff Cutler talked about their building business and case studies with health systems, large practices, and schools; and, interestingly, the controversial Healbe GoBe. Yes, this is the same Healbe GoBe that seemed dodgy to this Editor and didn’t work well when she saw it at CE Week 2014 and later was eviscerated in several PandoDaily articles on its touted ability, or lack thereof (TTA’s compilation here), to read calorie intake and expenditure through the skin. It seems that the GoBe2 has finally arrived at tracking calories, fat, carbs,... Continue Reading

Breathe, exhale: a future bracelet that may predict asthma attacks through breath

...onset of an asthma attack or other problems,” according to researcher Mehdi Javanmard. This concept is far more convenient than a bulky spirometer. Beyond warning the person of an asthma attack, the technology could also be used for other obstructive lung diseases and for tracking treatment/drug effectiveness. Hat tip to Toni Bunting of TASK Ltd. Futurity. Microsystems & Nanoengineering (journal, full text) It is good to see credible academic R&D in this area of wearables, since there have been others claiming measurement of calories, blood glucose, and hydration, that have been, or been close to, scams. We suspected the Healbe... Continue Reading

Healbe GoBe sees daylight–but still can’t count calories

[grow_thumb image=”×0.jpg” thumb_width=”150″ /]At CEWeek NYC last June, this Editor spent some time with Healbe’s co-founder, who demonstrated to me a prototype of the Healbe GoBe 100% Automatic Body Manager fitness tracker. I walked away underwhelmed at its performance and skeptical of its main claim to fame–automatic measurement of caloric intake via measuring blood glucose conversion to fluid in cells. This was reinforced by a trail of tech product reviewers digging into its development, the controversial science behind it and a growing rebellion on Indiegogo, where contributions exceeded $1 million. Then it took delays–first September, then November. Few in the... Continue Reading

An alert watch for older adults that responds to voice commands

...served group that 2) seems to have credible developers and backing. It's not a Healbe GoBe where the technology is prima facie bogus and the hype was through the stratosphere. They may have to pull back on some of the features in production, but even then it will be way ahead if they do what they say they do. My concern is an acceptability one: though the developer is using her mom as a guide, it's still rather large for a woman with a thin wrist not accustomed to wearing a watch (and does it chafe sensitive, thin skin?), and... Continue Reading

Faux Glass: not just a knockoff, but a sendup

...sites like…Indiegogo. The latest chapter on the controversial calorie reader through blood glucose HealBe GoBe Automatic Body Manager is from dogged PandoDaily crowdfunding-beat reporter James Robinson. He’s noted their $2.6 million in fresh investment (not enough even with the $1.1 million from Indiegogo), their ‘independent tests’ (straight out of Saint Petersburg-via-Moscow studying five–count ’em, five–volunteers) and their shipping date of 22 September (now late November according to their Facebook page). Mr Robinson then scores in a later article crowdfunding sites–and writers and media outlets who egg on bad investing by covering the interesting, odd or just plain quirky devices funded... Continue Reading

Is digital health neglecting The Big Preventable–medical errors?

...decision support tools like IBM Watson, which are a long way from appearing at your local hospital.) So angel, crowdfunding and VC money chases Utopia…the tech-savvy and healthy with fitness and calorie tracking (or calorie intake, like the unproven Healbe GoBe)…as well as throwing money at the latest ‘health engagement’ and ‘behavior change’ insurer and corporate programs. Yet there the pile of gold–and good–sits on the sidewalk, in the corner, where no one notices. And developers walk right past it. Move the Digital Health impact needle — invest in error avoidance (Boomer Health Tech Watch) Additional reading: How Many Die... Continue Reading

Ka-ching! Mid-year digital health funding hits $2.3 B: Rock Health

...towards payer administration, digital health devices, data analytics and healthcare consumer engagement. But the clouds on the horizon are there. Last year’s disproportion in seed/Series A accelerates, and the ‘down the line’ weakness continues with proportionally fewer companies reaching B, C and D rounds. Crowdfunding has also lost its luster–50 percent off with Indiegogo dominating–but its blowout with Healbe GoBe [TTA 26 June, CEWeek] accounted for 41 percent of total crowdfunding dollars; MedStartr stayed in the game at a distant second. IPOs haven’t been great, the ‘digital health index’ is an underperform yet funders are still itchy to cash out... Continue Reading

CEWeek NYC (Part 2): wearables, robots, telehealth gone to the dogs!

...Nov 13), I was skeptical of Healbe’s claims and told co-founder and managing director George Mikaberydze (left) just that. He patiently explained how it works to me and seemed to be sincerely understanding of my skepticism. He briefly demoed the display on his smartphone, which was hard to track as it indicated negative caloric burn and was partly in Cyrillic, but these numbers were relative to…? It turned out that I was not the first to question, and he was well prepared. Healbe turns out to be quite controversial. The company raised over $1 million on Indiegogo this March/April, prominently... Continue Reading