Cano Health appoints interim CEO as permanent; founder Hernandez steps down from board

Cano Health made the obvious, and perhaps the only, choice. Interim chief executive officer Mark Kent was  appointed both as permanent CEO and joined the company’s board of directors. Founder Dr. Marlow Hernandez, the founding and former CEO up to 16 June when Mr. Kent was appointed, immediately stepped down from the board.

Mr. Kent has a strong background as an RN, as well as a senior executive in hospitals and as a founder of three startup healthcare management services organizations (MSOs) for Florida primary care providers in value-based care, most recently as CEO of Care Management Resources, Total Health Medical Group, and Your Partners In Health. Before then, he was a regional president of Humana. From his LinkedIn profile, he sounds like an accomplished and interesting executive. Another interesting facet: he runs investments for his Florida-based family office Kent Capital Investments which maintains investments in the above MSOs and others. Turning around a company staring at the abyss,  laying off 17% of staff and exiting states right and left in a restructuring, and successfully selling what’s left is another matter. It is not disclosed whether Kent Capital has an investment in Cano Health or if there are ties between the practices and Cano. The Care Management Resources website displayed on LinkedIn or in a routine search is not to be found.

The company release does not refer to any other members of the board, the Cano 3, or Dr. Hernandez’ future, though he is a shareholder. The Cano 3, who hold 35% of near-worthless shares in their collective portfolios (resigned directors Barry Sternlicht, Elliot Cooperstone, and Lewis Gold), remain silent. Healthcare Dive   Previous coverage of Cano Health: 15 August includes restructuring; 21 June

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