Supra UK C500 housing press release

Press Release: With Just Two Words, Social Housing Providers’ Responsibilities Have Changed

Droitwich Spa, UK. 30 June 2010: Those two words are: ‘Police approved’. Supra UK Limited, supplier of the universally known and most reliable GE KeySafe™ has just announced the first ever key safe that has official UK police approval.

Those two words change the way that responsible social housing providers must think about safety when working with agencies that need frequent or emergency access to the homes of tenants.

New Police Approved C500 KeySafe

The new model C500 KeySafe, which is getting its first public exposure at a launch event in Taunton today, is stronger, bigger, easier to set up and use and yet costs little more than the previous best selling model.

The new C500 KeySafe:
•    meets the demanding British Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175 – the same one that front doors, locks and other security devices have to meet. Developers of the LPS 1175 include the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO)
•    has achieved police approval through the Secured by Design initiative
•    has decreased the already remote chance of someone guessing the code by increasing the number of code buttons from 10 to 12, quadrupling the number of possible combinations
•    is a heavier, stronger, attack-resistant design
•    is disguised and protected by an integral black plastic cover. (Other key safes mention ‘keys’ on the outside)

An extensive product comparison of the Supra C500 against other key safes on the market by independent consultancy T-Cubed confirmed that the Supra C500 is “a genuine leap forward in perhaps the most important aspect of key safe design: security”. They also concluded “We have no hesitation in saying that out of the key safe products included in this evaluation, it is the only key safe worth considering.”

The C500 KeySafe is designed to be very simple to use:
•    intuitive, single handed operation: just enter the code and turn the handle
•    straightforward code setting and changing
•    simpler access to the keys because the door stays attached to the body of the KeySafe
•    no electronics to go wrong, wires to fit or batteries to maintain
•    easy to install with four special masonry screws (supplied) that form part of the security accreditation

A Supra KeySafe rapidly justifies the investment because it:
•    eliminates time wasted collecting and returning keys from a keyholder
•    improves health outcomes and reduces stress in medical emergencies
•    is removable and re-usable when no longer required


Implications for housing providers

Housing providers should now consider the provision of only C500 KeySafes whenever recommending installation of a key safe. Rapid access of daily carers is important and in an emergency it is essential to mitigate harm to the tenant and to avoid damage to property. They should advise tenants not to be tempted to purchase cheaper but insecure products, for example, from a DIY store.

Installation may be done independently or in consultation with care agencies, such as the client’s home care provider; the local provider of daily living equipment for older and disabled people; telecare provider; GP practice; or even the local emergency services, any of which may be interested in carrying all or some of the cost.


Introductory offer

As part of the launch of the new C500 KeySafe, Supra UK Ltd is making an introductory offer that will be available until 31st August 2010 for each GE KeySafe returned to Supra UK in a resaleable condition, sealed in original packaging, Supra UK will issue a full credit against the cost of a replacement C500 KeySafe™ and pay for the collection. (Full terms and conditions available from Supra UK Ltd on request.)


The ultimate endorsement

David Ardron, General Manager of Supra UK Limited, makes the point that “The GE C500 KeySafe™ is receiving numerous and substantial endorsements from early testers, but ultimately, customers can rely on the LPS 1175 security accreditation – the police do.”


Notes for editors

  • Supra UK press contact: Susie Wells, Marketing Executive. Phone 01905 770333
  • Website:
  • Supra UK Limited’s KeySafes™ are manufactured to the highest standards by the international giant GE and over 1.6 million of the previous model are in use in the UK.
  • Key safes are often offered by local councils as part of care packages for older and disabled people to facilitate access by care workers and other authorised officials. If someone falls, for example, even if they can raise the alarm it can be difficult for neighbours, carers or the emergency services to get in without damaging the front door. Every minute counts, but a damaged front door is expensive to repair and leaves the house vulnerable to thieves.
  • Images to accompany this story are available for download from:
  • The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) works with insurers, Government, police, designers, manufacturers, contractors and end users to develop methods by which product performance and reliability can be assessed. LPS 1175 is based on manual attack testing. More on LPCB:
  • The Secured By Design scheme is a crime prevention initiative of the UK Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).
  • The consultancy T-Cubed, which conducted the independent evaluation of the C500 can be contacted on: 01248 675121.

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