Breaking news on the Apple phones & smartwatch

Breaking News from the CNet live coverage moving along in real time:

  • New iPhone 6 phones are both retina display. Phablet is 5.5″ screen (iPhone 6 Plus) and standard is 4.7″
  • Big play on NFC-driven mobile payments: Apple Pay at 220,000 locations, via 83 percent of US banks plus American Express (international?)
  • Security: Eddy Cue, senior vice president of Internet software and services–We’ve integrated security from software and hardware. We create a device only account number and put it in the Secure Element. No longer have the static code on the back of the card.
    • One time only use and claim no tracking on your purchases, no card info shared with retailer (!!!) Implications for healthcare payments?
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  • Here comes the Apple Watch (not iWatch)—CNet commentator says it’s like iPod Nano with sexy design upgrade. Health implications to follow.
  • Tim Cook: When on a map, when you turn the Digital Crown, it zooms in and out. When you have a list, you can scroll through the list. And you can do all of this without blocking the screen.
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  • CNet’s already cranked out an article. Touch screen as well as the crown.
  • Haptic engine and heart rate monitor.”4 lenses. infrared, LED, photo sensors detect pulse. Gyroscope and accelerometer, plus GPS and WiFi from phone gives picture of daily activity”.  Looks to be an all-in-one health and fitness watch. Not clear on the interface with the iPhone 6 series.
  • And it’s thin–highly personalized with bands and choice of  ‘faces’
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Your Editor must dash but all the above is courtesy of CNet‘s live feed at the Cupertino event. Please follow them for further coverage–more later.


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