Brace yourself: worldwide telehealth to grow by 55% in 2013

InMedica, the health tech research analytics arm of UK-based IMS Research, released in December this startling growth number for telehealth–55% vs. 2012–applying to both device and service revenue for 2013. Startling because 2012/2011 growth in revenue was only 18% and 2011/2010 growth was a paltry 5%, even as patients grew by 22%. InMedica cites the uncertain economic situation in Europe and ‘ambiguity on the impact of healthcare reform’ in the US as dampening growth. In 2013, InMedica sees growth drivers in the US as the implementation of CMS 30-day re-admissions penalties and the influence of new care models for hospital systems and large practices such as ACOs (accountable care organizations). The release is mysteriously silent on changes driving European telehealth, and remarkably ambiguous on exactly how remote patient monitoring and telehealth will integrate into care models. More in FierceMobileHealthcare.

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  1. Interestingly consultancies have been making these projections for many years. To date they have all been wildly inaccurate, and usually the blame is laid on the medical community for not adopting the technology. I guess at some stage one of these consultancies will guess right and become the gurus of telehealth. In the mean time those of us at the coal face need to persevere one patient at a time in delivering better health outcomes.

  2. Like EMRs, the designs of most consumer apps and many medical apps have not connected with the “miners” at the coal face. There appears to be little understanding of how to add value for all/various healthcare stakeholders. That there is little value to the patient is demonstrated by the abandonment rate of downloaded apps. The crowd is listening and will get it right…provide better outcomes.