Baby boomers? Older people? Senior citizens? Elders?

Not telecare, but a terminology issue as it refers to the target client group for telecare/telehealth companies. When I read about ‘the elderly’ or worse, the near-meaningless, ‘the vulnerable’, I imagine that the writer is probably hardly out of their twenties or thirties, or still has that mindset. If you want to alienate your potential clients, this is the language to use.

A brief read, with an American perspective, but with interesting survey results. Baby boomers? Older people? Senior citizens? Elders? What would you like to be called in your middle and later years? by Rita R. Robison.

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  1. It is easy to write about aging when you are in your youth. It is something so far away that it does not fit in ones life. TO think that someday you will walk a little slower, have a few wrinkles or a lot…is just never going to happen.