BlackBerry 10: the Last Chance Saloon? (UK/US)

Once the favorite of doctors and health professionals, now completely overwhelmed by Apple, the BlackBerry 10 is widely seen as the last chance for the now eponymous company. Coming in predictive word lookup touchscreen (Z10) and keyboard (Q10) versions (addressing the accuracy problem of touchscreens, not good in healthcare data entry), the BB10 also offers a dual-mode between work and personal information–very appealing to healthcare CIOs–with supposedly fast switching between the two. Despite design and handling raves from tough customers such as ZDNet (with the usual grousing about apps), the forecast is cloudy at best; BB’s enterprise base here in the US as of Q4 2012 dropped to a distant 6%–third–behind iPhone and Android OS phones. Curiously, the UK will be first to get the BB 10 in the touchscreen version only, which hints at a slow or ‘debugging’ rollout; March for the US. From the healthcare side, Mobihealthnews. From the tech side, ZDNet: Beautiful phone playing serious catch-up; It’s all in the name

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