ATA 2015: Day 1 news

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HealthSpot unveiled the first results of its partnership with (and investment by) Xerox, leveraging their HIT cloud infrastructure and back-end for the HealthSpot Station. The telehealth/virtual consult walk-in kiosk has targeted over 30,000 retail pharmacies with a newly developed consumer retail pharmacy personal health record (PHR). Upgraded patient and portal interfaces process insurance claims through a payment data feed and integrates with EMRs. Release….The US/UK predictive data/remote patient intelligence company Sentrian, winner of this year’s ATA Innovation in Remote Care award, is a part of a year-long 1,000-patient COPD remote patient monitoring study by the Scripps Translational Science Institute (STSI) with members of Anthem’s CareMore health plan. The goal is to use the Sentrian platform data to accurately detect COPD patient decompensation in advance to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, which on average in the US is 1 out of 11 within 30 days of discharge. Release….American Well launched a platform for individual physicians to connect with current patients via online and mobile for virtual visits, vital sign monitoring and to sync data with EHRs. This may help to overcome the reluctance of some states like Texas, Arkansas and Idaho to permit telemedicine to be used with new patients, as well as payers to include American Well, Teladoc and Doctor on Demand in their plans. POLITICO’s Morning eHealth (Monday)….Honeywell HomMed is now Honeywell Life Care Solutions  and upgraded the Genesis Touch to a Bluetooth tablet for reporting blood glucose, PT-INR and peak flow. It is also video conference capable for up to 12 parties. Release (PDF)….Germany’s vitaphone launched their new VITA home telehealth platform for chronic condition monitoring. vitaphone has had a limited US presence for several years, but late last year they joined Qualcomm Life and added a new CEO in time for mHealth Summit. Their service also includes monitoring services from their Nevada call center. Release (PR Web)….MedCityNews’ kickoff overview indicates they’ll be sorting through the mixed telemedicine picture through moderating several sessions and conducting interviews from their news pavilion on the exhibit floor (a new feature). (Photo courtesy of Mercy Health via Twitter)

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