Another set of forecasts to not believe in?

A sunny day for approaching Fall (Autumn to our loyal UK readers) and a bon weekend at least in this part of the world, and this Editor has to spoil it by waxing downbeat about an up forecast–way up. This week it is Juniper Research’s Mobile Health and Fitness report straight from Hampshire, UK with the big numbers–98 million by that magic year 2018–but that’s users, not revenue. They also forecast beaucoup cumulative savings of $35 billion over the next five years from remote patient monitoring. Want to know the size of the market versus the research2guidance and MarketsandMarkets forecasts? You’ll just have to scramble in your wallet for £2500 to get the scoop. Healthcare Technology Online, Juniper release, Juniper report overview and pricing. Previously in TTA: The ‘ginormous’ hype around forecasts and our very first ‘Blue Blazes’ feature (by Editor Charles).

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