Another five ‘big defining innovations’ for 2013

Writer and Singularity University VP Vivek Wadhwa opines in Venture Beat on the defining technologies we’ll see in 2013. (He was spot on with the cool down of social media, the rising tide of security breaches and cloud-computing failures). All these, but especially the second, are important to healthcare tech. Editor Donna’s comments and opinion follow:

  • Tablet explosion to computing revolution: cheaper, more powerful, but don’t agree that anything decent will ever be given away. And no, tablets will not kill PCs because they are one-way communication tools–great for internet surfing, books, presentations and video, bad for responding to your email, documents or structured creative work. Perhaps the two forms will morph together…..
  • The ‘quantified self’ goes mainstream and creates a new regulatory battlefield: some progress into the educated next segment of early adopters, fitness buffs and the slightly hypochondriac, prices will decline, but the people who could really use the monitoring will continue to be uninterested or not smartphoned. Watch to see adoption trends by young diabetics and asthmatics.
  • Manufacturing jobs continue to return to the US: maybe in tech. And robots are being developed everywhere other than the US.
  • From big baloney to big opportunity in big data: companies will continue to wrestle with this, and the analysis tools keep changing….
  • New user interface paradigms: Leap Motion will be the biggest product of the year and may supplant the mouse and the kludgy touchpad, but don’t dig any graves for keyboards yet. QWERTY keyboards revolutionized mechanical writing starting in 1872 and have carried through to the smartphone; somehow no one has yet found a faster, easier way to communicate the written word. I bet on the 141 year old tech sticking around for awhile.
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