‘Angel (Investment) in America’ perking up

Two articles in the Washington Post and Business News Daily cite fresh interest in ‘angel’ investing in the US in the healthcare, mobile and internet sectors. Conducted by pre-money valuation tool Worthworm (yet to debut), a survey of 100 angel investors indicate that next year, 50 percent of angel investors plan to increase the number of their investments and 24 percent plan to increase the dollar amount of investment in 2014.’ 40 percent of respondents expect increased healthcare investing and over 30 percent favor mobile and Internet companies.Indicating some trend following, few investors are looking to invest in fuddy-duddy retail and industrial firms. On the whole, their forecasts stand in sharp contrast to the current sentiments of, at best, overall mediocre growth in 2014 (Forbes). Worthworm itself is interesting as it claims to be shortly marketing a web-based pre-money valuation system that takes this complex task and makes it simple. The co-founder earlier founded SkyMall, the inflight catalog which has helped many airplane travelers while away their time. (Young Entrepreneur interview)

And not waiting for angels or ‘worms’ is baby sock monitor Owlet [TTA 27 August] moving quite smartly to $65,242 of $100,000 on its own crowdfunding page, with 20 days left.

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