Amwell debuts new telehealth platform, Converge; previews Carepoint for hospital care into the home

Amwell, which of late has been low-profile except for a puzzling interview by Ido Schoenburg, MD about Amazon and others as competitors, announced its new telehealth platform, Converge, at its annual Client Forum. According to the platform web page and the release, their key features are designed to make them extremely attractive and differentiated to clinician users. 

  • A single meeting place for providers and patients across mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • High-quality connections with adaptive video for low-bandwidth situations
  • Integration with existing workflows, EHRs, patient portals, and consumer experiences
  • Open platform and app marketplace. The open architecture and APIs are designed to host apps and services such as Google Cloud, Tyto Care, virtual second opinions from the Cleveland Clinic, and the Biobeat wearable wrist and chest monitors.

What may be even more interesting for Amwell’s future is a TV-based initiative that can bring hospital care into the home. At the same conference, Amwell previewed Home TV Carepoint. Developed in partnership with Solaborate, the software uses advanced AI. Information on Carepoint was limited to a few lines buried in the body of the release, indicating a ‘stealth mode’, but the potential is that it could open up a new market with health systems and home care if leveraged and marketed right. FierceHealthcare

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