AliveCor v. Apple latest: Federal court tosses AliveCor suit on heart rate app data monopolization

Apple wins one, but the other and more important AliveCor antitrust/IP cases go on. Judge Jeffrey White of the US District Court for the Northern District of California dismissed one of the many lawsuits between AliveCor and Apple. This one goes back a few years when AliveCor provided a cardiac app to the Apple Watch. The claim is that Apple’s 2018 changes in algorithms reading heart rates in the watchOS5, upgrading from the “Heart Rate Path Optimizer” algorithm (HRPO) to the “Heart Rate Neural Network” algorithm (HRNN), hurt a third-party app provider like AliveCor with their SmartRhythm app designed for the HRPO. The AliveCor argument in the 2021 lawsuit was that Apple should have made the earlier algorithms available, and that Apple violated California’s Unfair Competition Law. Apple’s argument was that the HRNN was more accurate, this was a genuine improvement that provided better data, and that third parties had no right to interfere in Apple’s design and business decisions. Since it was a summary decision, we do not know the details of Judge White’s reasoning. 

AliveCor’s full statement, provided by AliveCor, is:

AliveCor is deeply disappointed and strongly disagrees with the court’s decision to dismiss our anti-competition case and we plan to appeal. We will continue to vigorously protect our intellectual property to benefit our consumers and promote innovation. The dismissal decision does not impact AliveCor’s ongoing business; we will continue to design and provide the best portable ECG products and services to our customers.

Separately, the ITC’s findings that Apple has infringed AliveCor’s patents still stand. Both the ITC and U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) appeals will be reviewed at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in the coming months. In other recent developments, the PTAB recently ruled in AliveCor’s favor by instituting Inter Partes Review (IPR) of Apple’s patents and a stay of Apple’s countersuit.

We welcome any comments provided by Apple. Both AliveCor’s and Masimo’s suits go on in various courts.

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