Alerts moving to Thursdays; TTA seeks contributors

Starting this Thursday, TTA updates will be sent to subscribers on Thursdays. This is due to Editor Donna’s new full-time position which has sadly cut down on her writing time. (Oh, for a robot to send to work!).

That being said, we are seeking contributors on an occasional to regular basis to send us articles. If you are an observer of the health care and health tech scene in the US, UK, Europe, Ireland, or in fact anywhere in the world, we’d like to hear from you. Articles can be about conferences, events, R&D, M&A, news, policy, or thoughtful views on developments. The one thing that they cannot do is promote a product or service–in other words, commercial. Email Editor Donna in confidence.

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  1. The essence of Centre of Excellence for Technology Enhanced Care (CETEC) is to develop assisted living solutions to address key health and social care issues encountered by service users and technology developers. We can work together collaboratively in partnership with private companies, public sector bodies and patients’ representative associations to:

    enhance assisted living care
    allow patients’ engagement in self management of their medical conditions
    integrate technology in health and social care practice.
    We look forward to welcoming you into the centre and developing this project in conjunction with your needs.

    Happy to share views , news and opportunities with all who is interested

    • Donna Cusano

      Thank you Firhas. Please stay in touch with our Readers through sending us news. Have you thought about contributing an article?