‘Alarming deterioration in NHS finances’: The King’s Fund April report

The King’s Fund has prepared since 2011 a Quarterly Monitoring Report on the performance of the NHS as seen by its finance directors. It is a ‘regular update on how the NHS is coping as it grapples with the evolving reform agenda and the more significant challenge of making radical improvements in productivity.’ Report #15 does not bring auspicious news as the challenges deepen. 7 of 10 NHS trust directors are concerned about balancing their books next year, and 60 percent have either drawn down reserves or relied on additional financial support. In healthcare delivery performance, over 440,000 patients in this quarter spent more than four hours in A&E (US=ER or ED), the poorest performance since 2003. And if you’re waiting for a procedure, the percent of admitted patients waiting more than 18 weeks rose to 13 percent, the highest ever. The lack of funds is also not encouraging for telehealth and telecare expansion, despite the various parties’ election calls for merging medical and social care. QMR15 full report.

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