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About Telehealth & Telecare Aware

Telehealth and telecare professionals have been looking to us to help them keep abreast of relevant news since 2005. We keep an eye out for developments worldwide but there is inevitably a US and UK bias.

Telehealth & Telecare Aware is edited and written by volunteers and it is a free service in every sense. There is no cost to readers and it is independent of any company agenda. In fact, independence is OUR agenda.

For this reason we also welcome articles and opinion pieces from professionals in the field if they are not ‘advertorials’.

Take a look at our current Latest News page and, if it seems relevant to you, make sure that you are alerted when new items are posted. There are numerous methods:

1) The most reliable way is to sign up for our weekly newsletter with links to the new posts. We never trade your email address in any way.

2) Links to new items are posted on Twitter and LinkedIn. However, the automatic posting technology falls over sometimes, items may go unnoticed in your newsfeed or the platforms may insert extraneous material.

3) Our home page url updates a list of items as they are posted. Using this depends on you remembering to visit it regularly or using one of the many website change tracking tools available.

4) We even have a good, old fashioned RSS Feedburner feed for people who use Chrome browser.

If your company would like to support our work with banner advertising (we do not annoy our readers with Google or other such adverts) we would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you. Email Donna Cusano, Editor in Chief.

We look forward to your company and comments!