A timely webinar Fri 12 Jan: Protecting a lifeline – preparing for the digital voice switchover (UK)

Free Zoom webinar: Protecting a lifeline, preparing for the digital voice switchover
Friday 12 January, 13:00 (1 pm) GMT
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The digital switchover, the 2G and 3G phaseout…these issues are roiling UK telecare services. Will providers be ready for VoIP with enhanced services by the end of 2025? Will their customers be left without crucial services? The Digital Poverty Alliance is sponsoring a webinar with guests Kamran Mallick, CEO at Disability Rights UK, and Dennis Reed, Director of Silver Voices, as they share their concerns for their customers and some experiences of the switchover. This webinar will also consider the practical steps providers should be taking to protect their customer’s needs, and ensure no one is left without crucial services as part of the switch. 

It couldn’t be more timely. As VoIP systems have been implemented, failure incidents of telecare and PERS alarms have escalated to the point where last month Michelle Donelan, the UK Technology Secretary, demanded that telecoms stop forcing the non-voluntary conversion of copper lines to VoIP on the elderly and disabled. Both BT and Virgin Media on Monday 18 December announced that they paused their rollouts. Even The Telegraph has campaigned for a re-think of the “big switch”. Telegraph (via Yahoo Finance Canada)

More about Silver Voices’ campaign to delay the switchover of traditional copper wire landlines to internet-based telephone systems (VoIP or Digital Voice). VoIP is far more versatile but not as reliable as copper (although when copper fails…). Everyone with internet knows the loss of voice and device connectivity when it goes out and how battery backup systems are short-lived at best, if there at all. Cellular/mobile can be used as backup, but many areas of the UK are without reliable cell coverage–which can also fail in storms.

Hat tip to Adrian Scaife via LinkedIn   Also see resources and events available through TTA’s partner, UKTelehealthcare–also linked on sidebar

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