A healthcare/smartphone survey not from usual suspects

From FICO, an analytics software company best known in the US for your creditworthiness score (FICO Score), are some results on the healthcare portion of a just released cross-industry survey (with mobile banking, insurance) on smartphone usage:

  • 80 percent would like to be able to interact with healthcare providers on their smartphones
  • 76 percent would like to be reminded of medical appointments
  • 69 percent would like to receive reminders to rearrange appointments, or be prompted to take their medication
  • Texting as a push communication is preferred for all three above except for medication reminders
  • 56 percent trust healthcare organisations with personal data (lower than it should be at this stage–Ed.)
  • 2 in 3 want to receive medical advice through digital channels instead of visiting a doctor (cheering news for Better and online providers such as Everyday Health and WebMD)
  • But presently, users do most of their research the ‘old-fashioned’ online-on-your-PC way

To get full results on the healthcare preferences of smartphone users in the US, Australia, Brazil, China and the UK, you’ll have to visit their webpage and answer five questions. Release.

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